Assalamualaiku, hi everyone!

I'm finally here! Another post on blog after almost 6 month since the latest feed. Well, I's been a long time and this time to start fresh. How you guys been doing? I hope everything is going well with you.

If you wondering what happened to me or this blog? And why didn't I post anything yet for that long? Alhamdulillah I am good and everything is fine. Lifes get bussier with some new things, some new projects, new plans, I'm enjoying it.

First, alhamdulillah I had just launched my cookies brand with my best friend, named 'Cookies Bite' where is production at Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

Second, I was bust with my new career in Creative Industry as Graphic Design at Organic Centre and also I had some project with my friends about visual arts studio, named 'Artemis Studio'.

Third, I've tried to join Hijabers Community as Division Design & Documantation. Alhamdulillah I passed the interview and ready to the next step which is probation as final step.

Bismillah, this is the most exciting thing, that ever happened in my life, You know, I have so much passion in Art, Design & Photography. It has always been something that really love to do, never knew that one day I'd take it seriously and jump into the creative industry. I'm thankful and grateful for this experience, but still it's gonna be long journey for me. I have just started it out.

The true is, I miss connecting with you, and share things. I've been working on this site and trying to rebuild it. Special thanks to Rayhan Ghiffari and her sister Ghea Safferina for helping me in the process, to work this out. Anyways, it's nice to finally be able to connect with you again, blogwalkers :)

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