Rabu, 31 Desember 2014


Hi, pretty souls! How are you? Hope everything's fine, you're all happy and healthy, amin. When anybody's too busy with their holiday, celebrate the new year, etc. I've nothing to do at home. I just play with my art stuff, that is a mood booster, that's mine! Whoopp, I'm an art adorer. 

Last year, 2014 has been the most beautiful year I've ever had…yet. I can't believe how much I've achieved, how much I've learned, how much happiness and joy and pain I had. It's been amazing. 

I learn a lot this year. How to be brave, how to be mature, how to love yourself even more, how to choose between things you want, how to embrace what life brings to you. I learn more about accepting. That, yes you have to accept it no matter what, embrace it and own it even though inside you heart you can't at least try and then you will learn that everything that happen in your life isn't about what you want but is about what you need. 

Accepting and embracing are two from many other untold things that I learn in 2014. All the ups and downs, the good and bad, the highs and lows. the achievements and failure. Every second with you is priceless and memorable. The experience, the love, the joy, the pain, the haters, the people, the moments. It's pleasure to meet you. Thank you so long and good bye.

And now…

HELLO NEW YEAR 2015! Like people always said, this is the perfect time to start over, to begin a new you, so I try to be a better person than last year. I want to be happy this year and enjoy every moment I have. 

Ich w√ľnsch euch einen herrlichen Abend meine Lieben. Best regards from Bogor - Indonesia.