Sabtu, 09 Mei 2015


Born in Jakarta but I live in Bogor. My parents and sister are still live in Jakarta because they have a job and education in there. My best friend have some request to me to hangout in Bogor. She need to get some fresh air in here but before that, I did many browsing about restaurant or recommended cafe in Bogor and I couldn't believe that Bogor have many hang out places to visit. 

Had a bit confused choosing places should I go, then finally i choose to go to Momo Milk Barn. This cafe is located at Jl. Kantor Pos No.6, Bogor Timur. Momo Milk Barn is outdoor place. For those who wants to visit Bogor, I recommended you to visit Momo Milk Barn because this cafe is recommended. And I took some photos in here.

Amalina Syahidah
Date : May 5, 2015
Location : Bogor
Photographer : Annisa Anggraeni
Camera : Canon 1100D
Lens : Kit