"The rhythmic sound of rain
Just listen, close your eyes and patterns become clear.
Understand the melody and you sleep."

Home alone, raining outside, cuddle up in bed, my laptop by my side, loads out book, hot coffee, good music. What a perfect day! 

So many awesome things happened in class today. Finally now I spare a little time to sit and chill in front of my laptop, making design, browsing, try to write and talk to you. Hi, pretty souls! How are you? Hope everything's fine, you're all happy and healthy, amin. Here I am blogging from my room in Bogor. Raining in here and it's getting colder. I love when it rains, wet and gloomy day. And I like the smell of rain, the sound of raindrops, and the atmosphere of it. 

I browsing on flickr and I find this photo by Juliette Tang. It's completely with the theme of today. I am in love with her beautiful photographs of books in various scenes that sparked a sort of literary imagery. She makes everything match perfectly, the character attributions and great quotes corresponding to each individual book, and creates such a special atmosphere. I want to read every books that Juliettte Tang photographs.

Tracklist :

Enchanted - Taylor Swift
Skinny Love - Birdy
Turning Page - Sleeping At Last
Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
What Good Is Love - Schuyler Fisk
If You Find Her - Future Of Forest
Charlottetown - Forest City Lovers
Dazed And Confused - Iko
We Have A Map of Piano - Yoav

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