Time go too fast.
  • Take a picture with my twins.
  • I get surprise from Amalina, Anggrelya, Ayomi and Iren. Thank you guys!
  • Me and my friends went to Taman Bunga Nusantara – Cipanas only just in one day. Survived that long drive up to mountain by my self. Going to reward my self, fight!
  • I bought a new book. So many book I bought.
  • I get the grade point 3,... Finally! Alhamdulillah. (almost four)
I'm turning 21 yesterday. I want to thank to Allah SWT for giving me the perfect life I live. Hey guys, do you know about the fact in the class room? I've twins, they are my twins in class room. We are born in the same date. That’s the things that make me happy on February. I’m so lucky and feelin' blessed, Alhamdulillah. Happy birthday to me, be better, be mature, be positive. Amin!

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