Jumat, 20 Maret 2015


Because you are with the person who make you feel fearless!

Hi buddies! How are you? How’s your life? Mine is good but always have to be batter, isn’t  it? By the way, I’ve changed my layout blog because I kinda bored with the old one. Looks same with the old but still have a difference eventho not too significant. My personality is as simple as my layout blog. Talk about the tittle "FEARLESS" inspiring from Taylor Swift song, I don't know why I love that song, because it means for me. Which the moment I can't forget, the moment I knew. Well, which one do you like better? The old one or new one? See ya! Best regards from me, best regards from Bogor.

“Being fearless doesn’t mean you have no fear. It means you’re strong enough to face them.” - Taylor Swift

Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015


"I love to read. That doesn't mean I don't have a life. It doesn't mean I'm nerd. I only love the feeling that even when you're back in reality you still feel like you're in different world"

Date : March 7, 2015
Location : Bogor
Photographer : Annisa Anggraeni
Camera : Canon 1100D
Lens : Kit

Senin, 02 Maret 2015


Human life truly is a masterpiece of God's creation.

Setiap tempat punya cerita, dan ini cerita kita.
Alam tidak pernah meminta, dia hanya memberi.
Terimakasih Bromo.
Terimakasih Februari.
Terimakasih Gradient 2012.

Date : February 23-27 , 2015
Location : Depok - Kerawang - Batu - Malang - Jogjakarta
Photographer : Annisa Anggraeni
Camera : Canon 1100D
Lens : Kit

P.S : Please don't use my photo without any permission.