Hi, what's up? Finally I'm blogging (again). I come back with lots of new photos. Well, on last wednesday I had my second traveling without my parents. I traveled in Bandung with my wonderful friends. I drive a car from Jakarta to Bandung. One of the best day in my life.

First, I visited Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House.  Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast House is a unique guesthouse with nine different wonderfully designed rooms at Jl. Jl. Mustang B2 / 1A (Kompleks Kumala Garden), Pasteur, 40164 Bandung, Indonesia.

Oh my god, feels like home! This is  cutie guest house have the best interior design and its really like a british home in Bandung. I didn't stayed at night, 'cause I want to traveled 3 different place in one day. So, I just visited their cafe. Small cafe, but the interior looks so super cute. Everything looks so vintage but not just old. I can stayed for a long time, someday.

If you wanna visit Bandung and looking for a hotel or guest house, it's recommend cottonwood to be visit!

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