Selasa, 25 November 2014


"Diam itu memberi kesempatan pada detik
dan waktu. Untuk merekam jelas keberadaanmu.

Diam itu ketika aku mengunci lidahku sendiri
dan memilih menikmati wujudmu dalam sepi.

Diam itu ketika denyut cinta
dan detak jantung kita saja yang membahana.

Diam itu memberi waktu pada hati
dan pikiranku untuk berbicara.

Diam itu, supaya kamu, bisa kudengar
diantara bingar di kepalaku.

Supaya kamu, bisa terlihat jelas tanpa kacamataku."
-Rahne Puteri


Eatery & Art-Venture. Bandung culinary, art and craft space, goodies, workshop, bazzars, community and event only at Ciumbuleuit 108, Bandung. Yes, Koloni 108! 

Talk about the concept, Koloni 108 they're used food court concept. Do you want to eat? You can visit their stall then you ordered and payed cashier. It's very simple.

At least, we had fun. We went to another place. I didn't eat too much as much as my friends did. I took every moment when they moved, when they laughed, when they eat, when they smile if they played with some joke. Hey cheer up guys! I just wanna say thank you for an amazing day. That was a tiring day ever and at least we had fun, right?



Second trip, just make sure to put this cafe in your list or you'll back home regret! Secret Garden Cafe at Jl. Gunung Agung 12, Ciumbeuluit, Bandung. Oh, yes! From Pasteur then I'm going to Ciumbeuluit. And yes before I'm leaving, I did take pictures around the cafe, take pictures with my friends. Had so much fun with them is the best thing. Heaven!

Jumat, 14 November 2014


Hi, what's up? Finally I'm blogging (again). I come back with lots of new photos. Well, on last wednesday I had my second traveling without my parents. I traveled in Bandung with my wonderful friends. I drive a car from Jakarta to Bandung. One of the best day in my life.

First, I visited Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House.  Cottonwood Bed and Breakfast House is a unique guesthouse with nine different wonderfully designed rooms at Jl. Jl. Mustang B2 / 1A (Kompleks Kumala Garden), Pasteur, 40164 Bandung, Indonesia.

Oh my god, feels like home! This is  cutie guest house have the best interior design and its really like a british home in Bandung. I didn't stayed at night, 'cause I want to traveled 3 different place in one day. So, I just visited their cafe. Small cafe, but the interior looks so super cute. Everything looks so vintage but not just old. I can stayed for a long time, someday.

If you wanna visit Bandung and looking for a hotel or guest house, it's recommend cottonwood to be visit!

Senin, 10 November 2014


Hi everyone! Here are some shots when I had my first project with my cousins for her brand. The last time I did photo shoot, I felt happy and people around me were so nice. Actually, I don't have mini studio photography in my home. So, I like to take photo shoot in cafe, garden, museum, etc. It was nice.

Have a passion is really good for your life because at least you have something to believe in, to keep you alive. And I know I should fine 'that' soon. Find the new me, passion, love.

Title : Hijab
Talent : Azizah Rizky & Vitara Nurel
Photographer : Annisa Anggraeni
Camera : Canon 1100D
Location : Dia. Lo. Gue Artspace