To be mature
To enjoy every moments
To be grateful
To understand adulthood
To love more
To be happy
To live
(And to life).

February, hello my pretty month. Hopefully a bit of birthday selfie won't hurt. I just wanna say thank you so much to all of you guys. What a wonderful way to spend my 22nd birthday, thanks for all the lovely message, thanks for the surprise, thanks for made my day so special.

Right now, you have amazing friends, the nicest and gentle lover ever, and the wonderful family you could ever ask for. Be nice to them and don't let them go. Have fun with it! Do things you never do before. Take chance. Do crazy things. Feel no regret and just be free.

You have your dreams and goals. Don't let your dreams be dreams. You know you can achieve it if you work hard and never give up. And that is what you have to do for the future. But don't forget to have fun as well!

Now, stay on your track. Just keep on believing, everything will be alright. You're trully blessed, good luck!



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