Somebody can help me? I forgotten how to sleep. I can't sleep tonight, I've insomnia. And just wasting time on blogsphere so, I'm going to 'taking list'

Making : plans for a secret project.
Cooking : new recipes Jappanese food for breakfasting.
Drinking : water with lemon.
Reading : love curse and hocus pocus by karla m nashar.
Wanting : to get out of this town.
Looking : at the sky, they're too awesome.
Playing : taylor swift, enchanted.
Wasting : time on blogger, pinterest.
Wishing : I was living in Germany now, Turkey soon.
Enjoying : the cold weather.
Waiting : for the pool to open.
Liking : my new driving license.
Wondring : if I should go to the park or go shopping.
Loving : take a picture of the sky.
Hoping : everything works out.
Needing : summer clothes.
Wearing : pijamas in a day.
Thinking : about perfectionism, and what it says about me.
Feeling : loved.

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