Senin, 28 Juli 2014


"Taqoballohu Minna Wa Minkum"

Finally, I met again with the most peacefull month in a year. Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah. With love from Bogor, I just wanna say : "Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H everyone!" May Allah forgive us and we all forgive each other too. Be better person InsyaAllah.

Open House in my parent's house, we are celebrate Eid day with special food in Eid day.  I've Ketupat, Rendang, Sambal Goreng Kentang and Sayur Kacang Panjang. Why I don't cook 'Opor Ayam'? Actually, I cooked but it's overcook, failed. Don't worry about that, I'll try in another time, insyaAllah. Let's celebrate Eid day with my little family and my neighbors. Enjoy the pictures! 

Talk about my outfit. I've Soft pink, dusty purple and broken white colored my Eid day, I choosed simple pretty outfit ‘cause you know, in the first time of Eid day we visited many relatives, didn’t we?

my outfit:
Hijab ( unbranded )
Top ( Passionate )
Watch ( Levi's )
Shoes ( Fladeo )
Skirt ( Kaffah Apparel, instagram @kaffahbysj, )

The soft pink skirt is super simple and so flawless, it’s really made my day!  Cool, hu? I love how this Kaffah Apparel by Siti Juwariyah skirt looks really good with my broken white blouse by Passionate. Let’s follow Kaffah Apparel instagram and catch this skirt @kaffahbysj and the founder’s instagram @sitijwryh

Once again, Happy Eid Mubarak my readers. Harkese hayırlı ve mutlu bayramlar diliyorum. Ramazan bayraminiz mübarek olsun. Endonezya dan selamlar ve sevgiler.

Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014


Hallo, my beautiful readers. Ramadhan Mubarak! How's your fasting today? I hope you all are doing fine. Books and snacks, actually cereal. Yep, two things that I love on the earth. Especially, when I've my free time like I'm doing right now. When anybody's too busy with their holiday, I've nothing to do at home. 'cause all I need are books and cereal. Whoop whoop I'm trying so hard to finish read a lot of books.

Okay let's talk about are books and ceral that I love to read. I have 'Love, Curse & Hocus-Pocus' today, after 'Love, Hate & Hocus-Pocus' by Karla M. Nashar. The story is so cute about love, hate, curse, magic Hocus-Pocus, partnership, etc. It's complicated and you must read. Bytheway, the cereal are 'Corn Flakes & Stars'. You can mix it and added fresh milk. Love it! Just do what makes you happy.

"I don't believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book" - J.K.Rowling

Jumat, 25 Juli 2014


Somebody can help me? I forgotten how to sleep. I can't sleep tonight, I've insomnia. And just wasting time on blogsphere so, I'm going to 'taking list'

Making : plans for a secret project.
Cooking : new recipes Jappanese food for breakfasting.
Drinking : water with lemon.
Reading : love curse and hocus pocus by karla m nashar.
Wanting : to get out of this town.
Looking : at the sky, they're too awesome.
Playing : taylor swift, enchanted.
Wasting : time on blogger, pinterest.
Wishing : I was living in Germany now, Turkey soon.
Enjoying : the cold weather.
Waiting : for the pool to open.
Liking : my new driving license.
Wondring : if I should go to the park or go shopping.
Loving : take a picture of the sky.
Hoping : everything works out.
Needing : summer clothes.
Wearing : pijamas in a day.
Thinking : about perfectionism, and what it says about me.
Feeling : loved.

Selasa, 22 Juli 2014


We have new president and vice president.
We have a new character to walk in front of us. 
We get the president we deserve.
We have lot a new hopes.
We put our eyes and trust on you.

Become president is responsible and then make Indonesia to be a better country. Congratulations, Indonesia! We have elected a new leader wisely. Mr. Joko Widodo and Mr. Jusuf Kala is the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Dear Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, thank you for the 10th years, you've done pretty good for this country, congratulation for a finishing well. Now, it's time to take some rest and fun time with your family. 

Selamat mengemban amanah rakyat untuk memimpin Indonesia menjadi lebih baik lagi.

Senin, 21 Juli 2014


I write because I have an innate need to write.
I write because I can't do normal work as other people do.

I write because I want to read books like the ones I write.

I write because I am angry at everyone.
I write because I love sitting in room all day writing.

I write because I can partake of real life only by changing it.

I write because I want others, the whole world, to know what sort of life we lived, and continue to live, in Istanbul, in Turkey.

I write because I love the smell of papper, pen, and ink.

I write because I believe in literature, in the art of the novel, more than I believe in anything else.

I write because it is a habit, a passion.
I write because I am afraid to being forgotten.

I write because I like the glory and interest that writing brings.

I write to be alone.
Perhaps I write because I hope to understand why,
I am so very very angry at everyone.

I write because I like to be read.
I write because once I have begun a novel, an essay, a page I want to finish it.
I write because everyone expects me to write.
I write because I have a childish belief in the immortality of libraries, and the way may books sit on the shelf.
I write because it is exciting to turn all life’s beauties and riches into words.
I write not to tell a story but to compose a story.
I write because I wish to escape from the foreboding that there is a place I must go but – as in a dream – can’t quite get to.

I write because I have never manage to be happy.
I write to be happy.

- Orhan Pamuk -

Kamis, 17 Juli 2014


Apakah saya seorang penulis Blog? Mungkin iya, mungkin juga tidak.

Saya memang mempunyai Blog, tapi saya bukan Blogger professional. Saya tidak dibayar, saya tidak mempunyai sponsor, saya belum menghasilkan apa-apa dari Blog. Saya menulis di Blog hanya untuk iseng-iseng dengan sedikit niat. Saya memang sedikit menggilai dunia Blog. Saya tidak tahu siapa saja yang membaca tulisan saya. Saya tidak tahu siapa saja yang mengikuti Blog saya. Jika ada beberapa dari mereka, semoga tulisan saya bisa menginspirasi.

Saya mempunyai Blog sejak saya duduk di kelas tiga sekolah menengah pertama. Dimulai dari hobi iseng-iseng menulis Blog. Tapi itu semua tidak berjalan dengan mulus. Banyak sekali kegiatan di luar sana, sehingga saya mulai jarang memposting tulisan.

Sejak dua tahun yang lalu, kemanapun saya pergi, selalu membawa kamera. Berharap, jika saya lupa membuat tulisan di Blog, saya masih memiliki foto saat berada di moment tertentu dan saya akan menulisnya lain waktu.

Hari ini, saya memulainya kembali. Semoga bisa terus membuat tulisan, layaknya Blogger professional. 

See – Hear – Write

"Kata-kata bukan dikeluarkan, sebab menulis sebenarnya bukan menaburkan. Menulis adalah memungut, memetik, dan menangkap dari apa yang telah kita baca, kita rasakan dan kita lihat." - Faris BQ (Letters from Turkey)