Hi, everyone! How was your day? Hope it's pretty amazing. So excited to post about this topic. So you guys, who came to the HC Day 2017 at The Hall Senayan City on May 6th? HC Day is an annual event previously called Hijab Day organized by Hijabers Community Jakarta.

Alhamdulillah this year I can come and re-join as the team. Always happy if there is an event like this because it could be a place to meet friends who are usually hard to meet and can meet new friends as well. I think this event is successful, the decoration it's pretty nice, the stage, the show, booth, etc. 

We prepared it only a month but alhamdulillah lots of hijabers who come and participate, it was really touched.We did it, I'm very proud of my friends Hijabers Community Committee. You know, 'cause making a big event like this is not easy.

Here are some shots when I was having fun times at HC Day 2017. I still can remember how beautiful that was :)

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